Alan Jensen



After 25 years as a sniper, founder Alan 'Yoda' Jensen has established an international reputation of being one of the most knowledgable Master Snipers and effective instructors around.

After becoming Master Sniper of Norwegian Armed Forces in 2007, Alan has trained Regular Military, Special Forces and Law Enforcement teams in over 70 courses, and in 12 different nations so far. 

Defined by his ethos, "Knowledge is Power. Skills are Essential. Loyalty is Earnt"  he carries it proudly into his company, Parallax Sniper Academy. The specific aim of which is to ensure that the international sniper community does not only continue to exist but thrives.

His career includes being a sniper in the Norwegian Home Guard Special Force, and he is qualified through the USMC Scout/sniper basic, advanced and platoon commander courses at Quantico VA. Alan graduated as the honour graduate on the basic course, and was awarded the Charles B. Mawhinney trophy for excellence in sniping. Included in his CV are letters from two Generals, four Colonels and four different nations, receiving recommendation for his  achievements and efforts on educating snipers across the world. 


Enlisted in 2004, and took his first sniper course in 2007, and started working with Alan in 2014. He has been instructing sniper courses for regular army units and foreign SF units for over 6 years. He has over extended periods worked as an instructor at a international SF training center in Europe, and he has trained snipers from 22  different nations.  




If needed, we will bring in qualified instructors from our network that we can vouch for.

Our instructors are highly qualified and hold the values and attitudes Parallax stands for.